Evolving Roots was founded with the mission to nourish the world through innovative and sustainable food systems.

Our goal is to deliver safe and nutritious food with minimum impact on the environment by embracing, farmer engagement, cutting edge agriculture technology, sustainable business model and impact driven investment philosophy.

Who We Are

Evolving Roots has been founded by Anang Lalbhai, Arjun Lalbhai and Rajvi Lalbhai. The Lalbhai Family is one of the oldest entrepreneurial families of India with an illustrious history that can be traced back to more than 600 years. The family has always had a progressive vision and a commitment to serving communities.

With evolving times the family has constantly maintained its entrepreneurial spirit. From warriors to jewelers, from traders to mill owners, and from textiles to food & beverage, the evolution has led to the creation of ‘Evolving Roots’, a company focusing on progressive agriculture.

We at Evolving Roots are proud of our history but what excites us most is the story that lies ahead.

Evolving Roots is re-imagining everything in the journey from soil to soul.

Our health is connected with the health of our planet


Evolving Roots has given an opportunity to us as people to constantly evolve, and by doing so be able to contribute and engage with the hearts and hands who explore the transformational potential of digital agriculture to feed the world in a way that delivers healthier people, healthier economies and a healthier planet.

What We Do

Our focus lies in bringing about solutions that enable us to produce more with less in smarter, more responsible and transparent ways.

Evolving Roots was founded on the principle of identifying that nutritional, diverse, and safe demands of developed countries can be fulfilled by demand driven, technology enabled and scientific practices in developing countries.

When we choose healthy food there is a reciprocation.
Not only do we feel better, we are healthy and the earth is healthier.

With a focus on practices such as crop rotation, no-till farming and planting cover crops, Evolving Roots aims to produce 14,600 MT of Super Food annually with a goal of delivering to half a million people everyday

The current basket of products include the following




Focusing on sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices and ensuring food systems adapt to ensure long term environmental, social and economic sustainability across the entire value chain.

Focus Areas

Save Water

Bad irrigation practices, evaporation and poor water management are the reasons for shortage of water. We are determined and focused on saving water using sustainable farming methods.

Help Farmers

With sustainable farming practices using scientific methods, Evolving Roots will educate the farmers to maximize their potential. With growing demands and expansions, we want to work with more farmers in the community and be able to provide them with financial stability.

Healthier Consumer

The end consumer is a critical part of the ecosystem. Consumers drive the demand. Healthy soil leads to healthy crops. Healthy crops give healthy food. Healthy food makes for healthy people. All of that makes our home, mother Earth, a healthier place.

How We Do

Demand Driven
Produce what is needed. Reduce wastage.

Scientific Farming
Produce with a progressive and technological driven approach. Increase yields.

Produce with responsibility towards the environment, humanity, and practices. Cultivate values.

Produce with a focus of being solution providers for not just a locality or a nation, but the planet. Create Food security

Produce with traceability to ensure food safety. Sow trust.